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Inkwell is the blackest blue there could ever be. This sultry shade of midnight is so heavily pigmented that it is genuinely blue-black.


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Our One Hour Enamel Paint is a total game-changer for both professionals and DIYers alike! With its built-in Satin topcoat, this quick cure formula knocks out projects in record time.


Available in Quarts and Gallons. Coverage per Quart is approximately 100 square feet. Coverage per Gallon is approximately 400 square feet.

Industrial Strength!

• Perfect for Cabinets

• Railings

• Int/Ext DoorsTrim

• Countertops Flooring

• Baseboards

• Furniture And More


• Prep work- For shiny surfaces, you need to scuff sand and use Wise Owl Primer (which is versatile for both their paint and enamel!). If your surface is not shiny, then just a slight scuff!


• Dry time is 20 mins between coats. Only two coats are needed


• No topcoat needed!


• Self-leveling! This looks like it was sprayed on!


• This is cured and ready to be fully functional in ONE HOUR! There is no other product that offers this with enamel!!


• This is great for cabinets, doors, interior, exterior, and furniture!


• KID-PROOF!- All those times you don’t want to redo furniture or get nice things because the kids will destroy it….NOT anymore!!!!


• Glaze can be used over this paint but will require our Varnish or One Hour Enamel Clear to protect the glaze.


• Eggshell finish


• Great for the trim! I know I’m always damaging my trim by running the vacuum into it!


• Great for doors and the trim your pets like to scratch up!


• Cling On Brushes recommended for application.


ONE HOUR ENAMEL is an incredibly tough, fast dry acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require a quick return to service and an abrasion-resistant finish. It is water thinned, posing no fire hazard or objectionable odor. The product is based on a specialized acrylic resin that dries quickly to a tough, durable film that has excellent weather, blocking, and abrasion resistance along with superior adhesion properties.


• Photo Credit

Yasmin Michielsen

Willow Cottage

The Painted Daisy By Carrie


    • Do not overwork. Lay down enough paint so that it has enough product to self-level but avoid drips.
    • Do not use Wax over Enamel.
    • The recommended recoat time is 2 hours.
    • Use our Stain Eliminating Primer before for superior adhesion.
    • Use a microfiber 3/16 inch roller.  If spraying, you may thin with water if needed but not more than 10%.
    • If using Glaze over Enamel, no need to use Varnish first. Apply glaze right over enamel. Must seal the glaze with Varnish or Clear OHE.
    • Do NOT use clear shellac as a primer with One Hour Enamel! It will cause the paint to crackle.
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