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📌Boards are Birch 5.5”x2.5” laser cut.

📌The top section of Chalk and OHE boards are stained with W/O Driftwood Glaze. The natural wood on the top of the Glaze Boards will be stained with the Glaze it is labeled as, so each one will be different.

📌 Vinyl lettering is premium indoor/outdoor 651 vinyl, the same as would be used on business signs and vehicles. W/O Chalk Synthesis Sample Boards

📦📦All prices include shipping.

💜Chalk Synthesis Set $190 (Includes new fall colors shipped to you after the official release to retailers, a total of 68 boards)

💛Spring Add-Ons $35 (Includes 9 boards)

🧡 Fall Add-Ons $35 (Includes 9 boards)

📌 Two coats (some colors have to have 3) of paint and sealed with WO Matte Varnish

📌 The full set of Chalk Synthesis (68 boards) comes with six book rings. Add-ons come with one. W/O One Hour Enamel Sample Boards

📦📦All prices include shipping.

💚One Hour Enamel Set $85 (Includes 24 boards)

💙OHE add ons $35 (Includes 8 boards)

📌 Two coats (some colors have to have three)

📌The full set of OHE ( 17 boards) comes with two books rings.

🔴Please allow two to four weeks for delivery, depending on what life is throwing at me. These are made to order so once payment is received I start.

🔴I treat each board as if it is a piece of furniture I sell. My boards are not perfect, but I give 120% to make them as close to it as I can. Message me with your email if you want to make a purchase so I can send you a PayPal invoice, or if you have any questions.

Wise Owl Paint Full Set Boards