What is glaze?

The glaze is a semi-translucent medium that will take your painting to the next level!

Use it in the recesses and crevices, on top of details, like a stain, to refinish hardware, or as a “wash” to deepen the color and add visual interest to a piece.


For ease of use, we recommend you follow these steps: Paint, 2 coats. Let fully dry.

Apply one coat of Wise Owl Varnish if you painted with the Chalk Synthesis Paint. Skip this step with the OHE.


Apply Glaze. Get down into the details if that’s where you want the glaze. Before it dries, immediately wipe back glaze off the high points with a baby wipe or wherever you don’t want it, leaving it to sit in the recesses and crevices. The glaze will deepen/darken as it dries. You can layer to get the desired look.

Apply one more coat of Wise Owl Varnish to seal and protect the glaze.

Why use glaze instead of traditional oil stains? Oil stains have very strong and toxic fumes, take 72 hours or more to fully dry before top coating, and require chemicals to clean spills and brushes. Wise Owl Glaze is water-based, so it’s extremely safe without odors or chemicals, dries very quickly (topcoat with Wise Owl Varnish in 2-4 hours), and is very easy soap and water cleanup!


Let’s Talk Colors!


Patina: A light, natural green patina color that you find on oxidized copper over time. Works perfectly to create a faux patina in combination with Copper, Bronze, and Verdigris glaze.


To create the Old World Patina finish you see in the picture, follow these steps!


Base color: mix Chalk Synthesis colors Chocolate and Poppy, stipple on with a round brush, apply unevenly; this will help mimic aged metal. Allow drying fully.


Next apply Verdigris Glaze by stippling heavily in recessed areas, if no recessed area, apply heavier at the top, allow to sit for 30 seconds and spray with a water bottle and allow to drip. We like a heavy patina look, so we reapply 3 times.


If you feel you applied too much in certain sections, simply apply more water!


We also used our PATINA GLAZE, which is the perfect complement to our new VERDIGRIS GLAZE. We lightly dry brushed Patina Glaze unevenly on high points or where you feel your piece would normally show a higher level of oxidation.


To create the tiny specks, load your round brush with Patina Glaze, hold your bristles back towards you, and then release to create a spritz of tiny faux Patina!

Last but not lease, seal with MATTE or SATIN VARNISH!


***Don’t be alarmed when you open your glaze. Glaze colors have a white medium in them that dries clear; the glaze will change as they dry to be the true color. So Black Glaze may appear gray in the jar, but once you apply it and it dries, it will get darker and become a dark black.

Wise Owl PATINA 8oz Glaze

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  • Bring out the details of your piece with our glaze, perfect for any project!


    Apply the glaze to your project after your final coat of paint has dried completely (allow paint to dry 24 hours before applying). For best results, lightly sand your painted piece,  brush on glaze in sections and use a damp lint-free cloth to remove the excess. Allow glaze to fully dry for 2 hours. Glaze produces a strong finish butpolyurethane or polycrilic may be applied after 24 hours. Wearing gloves can prevent temporary staining.