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Painting narrow surfaces like windows and window grids are now a pleasure when using the square brush. This brush is a favorite among many due to its perfect width and incredible bristle pack-out, providing a smooth finish and fewer dips!

•Narrow Molding 

* Extremely smooth and easy painting.
* Contractor construction with aluminum inserts.
* Has 25% more proprietary white filaments in each brush head.
* Maximum pick up & release of paint through micro-tip flagged filaments.
* Unique hourglass handle design - no more sore hands!

The square brush was made with windows in mind! The narrow 1" brush head was shaped to perfectly fit most window mullions, great when precision control is needed.

Narrow Molding
The small 1" brush head on our square brush is the easy choice when painting narrow molding on baseboards, walls, or furniture. 

Flat Ledges
The square brush also is a great choice when painting flat ledges, like on the arm of a chair.

Application-Specific Designs
No other brush company designs its brushes with the application in mind. Zibra’s customer painting projects create the crew’s greatest design challenges. The brush heads reflect the applications – allowing the user to mold the brush around each painting project – making painting easier and fun with every stroke.

Smooth Bristle Technology
Our proprietary, high-performance engineered poly- monofilament blend is designed to create a balance of tip softness with high stiffness retention resulting in ultra-smooth paint release and long-lasting durability even in hot and humid climates. Our bristles are smaller in size, allowing for 25% more pack-out than the industry standard brush. These features contribute to providing incredible paint pick-up, controlled release, unmatched smoothness, and effortless clean-up.

Constructed to Last
Zibra paintbrushes are designed to last. The professional painter will appreciate the craftsmanship of aluminum and wood inserts, using 100% epoxy glue, combined with three-headed nail pins. Zibra brush filaments are wrapped in a stainless steel ferrule, showcasing the finest proprietary filaments ever created.


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