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Designed to hug unique shapes & crevices in a multitude of different molding shapes Applications
Routed Edges
Flat Surfaces

* EASY everyday application! Unique shapes for every project.
* Patented hourglass handle design - no more sore hands!
* 25% more proprietary white filaments in each brush head.
* Maximum pick up & release of paint through micro-tip flagged filaments.
* Stainless steel ferrule with HD aluminum insert.

*Painting narrow surfaces like windows and window grids are now a pleasure when using the square brush. 
* This brush is a favorite among many due to its perfect width and incredible bristle pack-out, providing a smooth finish and fewer dips!
* The fan paintbrush is a great option for any narrow molding - it works well for any molding around a door.
* Any 2" molding, the fan brush glides over the area perfectly, leaving a smooth finish.
* The fan brush will get in between the crevices on molding, columns, or furniture details.

Application-Specific Designs
No other brush company designs its brushes with the application in mind. Zibra’s customer painting projects create the crew’s greatest design challenges. The brush heads reflect the applications – allowing the user to mold the brush around each painting project – making painting easier and fun with every stroke.

Smooth Bristle Technology
Our proprietary, high-performance engineered poly- monofilament blend is designed to create a balance of tip softness with high stiffness retention resulting in ultra-smooth paint release and long-lasting durability even in hot and humid climates. Our bristles are smaller in size, allowing for 25% more pack-out than the industry standard brush. These features contribute to providing incredible paint pick-up, controlled release, unmatched smoothness, and effortless clean-up.

Constructed to Last
Zibra paintbrushes are designed to last. The professional painter will appreciate the craftsmanship of aluminum and wood inserts, using 100% epoxy glue, combined with three-headed nail pins. Zibra brush filaments are wrapped in a stainless steel ferrule, showcasing the finest proprietary filaments ever created.


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